Entry #6

I'm back BABY!

2017-04-27 11:55:26 by ChromaShift

Hello there guys,

I'm finally back from my long hiatus.


One simple reason, why I didn't post here anything. The simple truth is, that I just forgot to post here on this site.

I'm sorry, I'm getting this much positive feedback and I don't answer it. I think I'm looking like an a-hole right now, but hopefully you can forgive this old fool XD I worked on a lot of tracks and posted them on soundcloud...so you didn't see my progress unless you follow me on soundcloud. I want to keep you up to date from now on, just hold your horses.

I'll upload my tracks one by one, time after time XD Hope you like em, they hopefully get better from track to track XD

So tell your friends, I'M (FINALLY) BACK BABY XD


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