I'm back BABY!

2017-04-27 11:55:26 by ChromaShift

Hello there guys,

I'm finally back from my long hiatus.


One simple reason, why I didn't post here anything. The simple truth is, that I just forgot to post here on this site.

I'm sorry, I'm getting this much positive feedback and I don't answer it. I think I'm looking like an a-hole right now, but hopefully you can forgive this old fool XD I worked on a lot of tracks and posted them on soundcloud...so you didn't see my progress unless you follow me on soundcloud. I want to keep you up to date from now on, just hold your horses.

I'll upload my tracks one by one, time after time XD Hope you like em, they hopefully get better from track to track XD

So tell your friends, I'M (FINALLY) BACK BABY XD

Hey there,

it's been quite a long time since I released anything. I'm working on a big amount of music lately! One of them is almost finished a Chillstep track (I would call it Pianostep, because, yeah...there's a lot of piano playing in there!). I'm also producing a progressive house track, an electronic instrumental track and two Chill tracks. One of the Chill tracks I'm producing with Subyra, maybe she's singin' something to it as well :D Now you have a little update what I'm currently doing, so there is a lot of stuff on the roll and maybe after a few days I finally can present you something new!

See ya!


Hey there,

I wanted to thank you for your massive support on my new track I've released on my birthday the 18th April! :)

I couldn't believe how many of you appreciate this track, after 2 days it reached the 400 plays and yesterday the 1300 plays which is unbelievable for me. The downloads were also more than 100 of you and that blows my mind. Sure I have more things to do to be a good producer, this one was the first track with vocals from my girlfriend which calls herself Subyra. Because of that I hadn't that much knowledge about mixing a voice correctly in an electronic chillstep track. Thanks to the reviews of some of you which helped me to improve this track a bit more. In the future they may be more tracks with her and I hope they're at least so good as this one. I try to improve as much as I can, but your criticism helps me out more than you think. So if you vote my tracks please consider to review as well to tell me what you didn't like or what you did like in this track! I want to get better and better, showing me that my work isn't worth your hearing, tell me why^^ Thanks to all of you, I start working on a new track soon, have some stuff to do for school, but after that I'm going to producing again ;) (which will be soon enouh, don't worry XD )


Short update

2015-04-13 10:57:54 by ChromaShift

Hey there,

just wanted to update you guys. I am working on the final bits of my chillstep track, which has the voice of friend included. I think I'll upload it here on saturday, on my 18th birthday (I hope I'll finish it). So, a new track is coming soon, just wait a bit more ;)



Hi there^^

it's me again. Yesterday I started to produce my first Chillstep track ever. I think until now it sounds quite nice^^ I hope I can finish it soon, so you can hear it and comment/critizise about it :D

Going back to producing, hope you like it when I finished it^^


Who is ChromaShift?

2015-03-31 18:34:23 by ChromaShift

Hey there,

my name is ChromaShift, to be more precise it's my soundcloud name XD My real name is Aron and I produce music since December 2013. I live in a village in Germany. First I tried do to some instrumentals but after that I came incontact with EDM and than started to produce electronic music. I produce House, Dubstep, Chillstep, DnB and Glitch Hop. Some of my best works I posted in 2014 I released here too and new are following soon. My favorite genre is Chillstep, love this style but can't produce some good myself XD

Hope you know now something about me,

until next time,